Friday, April 11, 2014

"Clear the Mechanism" -- Concentration is the Key to Study Success

Are Yankee fans truly this obnoxious? Truly you, jest! :-)

In my Twitter profile, I note that I like to draw parallels between life and baseball. I thought that I would include a scene from an old Kevin Costner movie ("For the Love of the Money") where his character -- a veteran pitcher contemplating retirement -- is able to focus completely on his job and actually "clear"  out all distracting noises.

Such is the focus needed for a law student as he/she prepares for this upcoming round of  finals. Study and concentration are the keys to mastering the material, then preforming well on the exam. How does one accomplish concentration?

  • Regularity - study at the same times and in the same places. Be consistent in everything that you do. Have a regular schedule. Work better in the library? . . Then work there all the time. At home? . . . The same goes. Familiarity is the key to comfort in your study patterns!
  • "Clear the Mechanism" - have concentrated periods of time away from your social media devices. Study and Facebook wanderings do not mix. Head phones work? Use them, by all means. Whatever works. Quiet is the key.
  • No End of the Year Distractions! -- This is law school time. . . One final push. . . . Do not let a job, non law school friends or anything else distract you from your final push at the end of the year. This is your time to put it all together and shine.

From this time forward -- until the semester ends, "clear the mechanism" concentrate, study hard and succeed in your final exams! 

P.S If you are one of the few that works well with noise and distractions, far be it for me to change that pattern. . If it ain't broke, don't fix it.


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