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Friday, November 8, 2013


In baseball (here I go again!), a minor league player who finally realizes his dream and is
called up to “The Show” may need time to adjust to the high level of play in the major leagues. He is a very good player, of course, or he wouldn’t have reached the major leagues in the first place. However, he is suddenly playing against the very best players in the game and may need to find his way in a totally new environment. This young player needs to get into the major league “routine”

·         learn from his mistakes;
·         work all the harder to succeed in a new quality playing field;
·         take more batting practice;
·         learn the styles of new pitchers/hitters.

 In time, the successful major leaguer will “pull it all together” and settle in for a successful career.

            In my view, it is no different for a first year law student in law school. Graduate school – law school – is certainly the dream – the major leagues. For most 1L’s, it is a far cry from university life. Like the newly minted major leaguer, he/she is “good” and they would never have reached law school if not worthy. However, adjustments need to be made: new study routines; decisions about study groups, or partners; learning and mastering the Socratic Method, being directly placed in the “spotlight” during class; decisions as to when (and whether to ) contact professors and student tutors for assistance; methodology as to course outlining . . . and on it goes.  Hopefully, the truly successful law student will settle into a routine and “pull it together.”

            The critical test for the new law student to note whether he/she is indeed pulling it together is the first round of final exams – which happen to be rolling down the road shortly. Thus, it’s time to “Man or Woman UP!”  Start now. Pull it together.


·         Start this weekend – make sure your outlines are up to date. No class lectures missing

·         Go back and start your review of course outlines NOW.  . . . No time with everything you are doing?  . . .That’s not going to cut it. Find the time. (watching football on the weekend? Put it on the shelf – the NFL will be there after finals, it’s “all hands on deck time!”).

·         Do some internal analysis. . Are you mastering the material? What are you NOT getting? . . . Go to your professor, tutor and/or study partners and figure it out.  If you wait until after the exams have been graded, its way to late. . you missed the boat.

·         Get your hands on your professors’ past exams and start writing practice answers. . Don’t do it alone. This is where you need input from your study group or study partner. . Doing it “your way” alone?  . . Get writing and find someone to discuss it with. Law school should NOT be a “solo” experience!

This is the time to go! . .Right now! This weekend! 

Pull it together. .  Hit a home run in your final exams.                 


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