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Thursday, November 14, 2013

The "Two Minute" Pre-Interview Drill

You are sitting in the waiting room. . waiting. . waiting to be called for your interview. They should be coming to get you in about ten minutes. You are trying to stay calm by taking deep breaths and thinking positive thoughts. You are reviewing in your mind the chief areas of practice in the firm. .

Hold on ---  Let’s go over some last minute tips here – real quickly now. Take another deep breath. . Here we go:

  • Watch your body language – lean forward -- hands on your legs --  cues that you are interested and engaged;

  • Look your interviewer in the eye;

  • Have a “story line” for your path here to this interview (everyone loves a story!);

  • Have some specific examples of your successes that highlight your strengths, ready to pull out and use;

  • Don’t just sit there like a goalie “catching” questions, turn the interview into a conversation – like you're speaking to the interviewer over coffee (easier said than done, I know – but go for it!)

  • Have three well-thought out questions ready (no need to wait until the end if you can fit them in appropriately during the interview).

  • Do NOT leave the interview without knowing what’s next in the interview process. When can I expect to hear from you? Then follow-up. Don’t assume that you didn’t get the job. ASK.

O.K . . here comes the receptionist to escort you into the interview room. Good luck!  

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